Monday, November 27, 2006

Toy Babies

Snickers has bonded with her stuffed animals and often treats them as though they are her little babies. She takes them out to go potty, she takes them to the food dish, and she takes them to bed with her at night. She doesn't always run around with them, but she always seems to know where they are. Her little rituals are so fun to watch. When we get home from work, after she and her baby go out, they come and get their tummy rub, then it's time for play. Snickers gives those toys a good shaking to wake them up, then bites on the squeeze noisemaker inside. Now that she knows it is awake, she can go about her business bossing us around.


Anonymous said...

hi sharon and snickers,

oh my oh my! taking her pet toy to go potty, food dish? well, i can understand she wants it to be with her in bed but potty? hehehe!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

I kill the squeaky instantly, then continue the battle.

Bussie Kissies