Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Home From the Hunt

Bob returned home from deer hunting today. Snickers has been running around the house like a little lost soul with him gone. She kept looking for him in all the dark corners and at night insisted on sleeping on top of me.
Hooray, today he's home! The group of guys got two deer. One large doe and one four point buck. Wisconsin is working toward keeping the deer herd under control. This year the guys were able to buy extra permits in our area.
Tonight, I will get to sleep without playing mattress for Snickers.


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing when my mom is gone. All the humans should either stay home or take us with.

Sharon said...

You are right Cubby! Bob won't take me hunting though 'cause there may be a goof out there that doesn't know the difference between a deer and a dog.

Jenn said...

That happy tail in the first photo says it all.