Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dog Treats

One of Wisconsin's treasures is the wonderful frozen custard. It is different than what is thought of as custard in other parts of the states or the world. It is similar to ice cream, made with fresh cream and sugar. Other ingredients are added to give various flavors or treats. My favorite is plain vanilla ice cream drowning in fresh berries. Yummy! Snickers likes to lick the bowl when we are done.


Boo said...

what? only get to lick the bowl when 'the hooman are done'? that's unfair! snickers, on behalf of you, i'm demand sharon to give you some too!

wet wet licks


Isabella said...

This is my first visit to your blog and reading Snicker's story. Snickers is sure a cutie and what great humans she has to love her!
Big Wags,

Sharon said...

Oh Boo, I would so love to give Snickers more, but we need to keep her lean. I compromise and give her favorite doggy treats to her. I'll post soon on a home made doggy treat recipe.

Sharon said...

Isabella, thanks for visiting. We will stop by and visit you. We do love her and wonder what we did without her. I asked Bob if he was glad we got her and he said the best part was how much she made me smile.