Saturday, November 04, 2006

Home From Golf

Snickers misses her friend Bob when he isn't home. Saturday morning's Bob is off to the golf coarse with his friends. Snickers waits patiently, but is very excited when he comes home. She is full of kisses and is hard to hold on to with all the wriggling! No naps until we go for a walk!


Anonymous said...

ok snickers, after mom saw your picture in your bed, she told me off "look, another bed loving dog"! well, i don't like bed, the hooman made one for me right next to the sofa but i never make use of it. luckily they never buy me a house and expect me to live in it!

every evening, i'll sleep in front of the entrance waiting for mom to come home. dad usually comes home slightly later than mom but if he doesn't show up in MY expected time, i'll ignore mom and sit quietly in front of the entrance waiting for MY dad! and i'll get excited and jump on dad when he comes home!

wet wet licks


Jenn said...

Oh, the joy of homecomings!